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Legal Forms

The links below provide access to some legal forms, but many forms are not available on the Internet. The Hennepin County Law Library owns many volumes and electronic sources containing sample legal forms. For a description of these materials, click here.

Minnesota Court Forms
Minnesota forms on a variety of topics: bankruptcy, child custody and parenting, child protection, child support, commitment, conciliation, criminal, dissolution/divorce, domestic abuse, fathers adoption registry, fee waiver - in forma pauperis, forfeiture and impoundment, guardianship and conservatorship, harassment, housing court, judgment enforcement, juvenile, name change, paternity, probate, registration of motor vehicle, and subpoena.

Minnesota Court Form "Assembly Tools"
Password-protected tools take your answers and fill in forms for you.

Minnesota Court Rules - Appendix of Forms

Fourth Judicial District (Hennepin County) -- Online Forms
Hennepin County forms include Civil, Conciliation, Family, and Housing Court forms.

Second Judicial District (Ramsey County) -- Online Forms

Motion to Reopen a Previously Paid Traffic Citation
Includes a motion to reopen a stop on red citation.

U.S. Courts Forms Library (Federal)
Includes Summons in a Civil Action, Subpoena in a Civil Action, and Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus.

U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota Court Forms (Federal)
Includes the forms most commonly used by pro se litigants, including Summons, Complaint, Motions, and Discovery forms.

Guided do-it-yourself legal forms and letters:

Business Services Forms (MN Secretary of State)
Includes forms: Articles of Incorporation, and Articles of Dissolution, and forms for non-profit corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, limited liability partnerships, cooperatives, and foreign corporations.

Expungement of Criminal Records

Minnesota Department of Public Safety
Motor vehicle title/registration forms

Minnesota Residential Purchase Agreement
Contains 146 page article comparing each provision of the two Minnesota residential purchase agreements. The exhibit section contains several forms including:
MSBA Minnesota Standard Residential Purchase Agreement (on page 87)
MAR Minnesota Association of Realtors Purchase Agreement (on page 93)

Minnesota Standard Residential Lease

Contract for Repair, Replacement, Restoration, or Remodeling (MN State Bar Association)

Power of Attorney Short Form

Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

Health Care Directive

Delegation of Powers by Parent

Tax Forms

Uniform Conveyancing Blanks
The Minnesota Department of Commerce provides forms including quit claim deeds, contracts for deed, and warranty deeds.

Miller/Davis Company
Legal stationery store sells blank forms.

LawMoose Legal and Government Forms
Find topically classified legal forms.

Findlaw Forms
Access free collection of federal and state forms.

LexisOne Forms
Access more than 6,000 free forms from all 50 states. (Requires free registration.)

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